non-licensed counselling and therapy ~

Hi, if you're feeling out of luck, got cut off at the knees you've come to the right place.

My name is Caroline Fowl and I'm a rogue neuroscientist and tell you what here's my social contacts. You add me on those, tell me what your problems are and we can have a civil and friendly discussion and hey maybe if it helps you'll feel like PayPaling me something for the troubles.

I myself am not a proffessional nor have been schooled for this, I offer this service as the product of years and years of trying to help people through civil and rational discussion without resorting to calling them crazy or insane or psychotic or delusional, because some people really do have their reasons in my opinion.

What I offer then is a conversation, some companionship, a talk over say Discord to talk about what's up or what's bringing you down, help you perhaps put it into perspective and maybe offer my own insight wherever I am competent to opine seeing how I have years of studying various subjects over my life.

discord tag for voice calls


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