This is just some of the stuff I've done.


This is a project to make enhancments to Discord by wreiting a toolset to be compiled into one application that enables poweruser mode. Here is a screenshot of the previous eversion.


I thought I could write a game and went ahead and started making one. It's writtein in JS and you can use Tiled map editor to make levels.


This is a project to create the ultimate Discord server. It has its own website and custom bot. The bot so far welcomes new users and can wateremark images and generate invites. The website is


A script for launching multiple selfbots into a server and make them wreak havoc.

Discord tools

Lets you type a command into Discord and this tool executes that command.

Server nuker Let in an API compliant bot and it will neutralize the target server.


A custom bot written for a specific server to help manage it.

4shill This can be used to make automated posts on 4chan.

Embed tool This lets you sened Discord embeds from your user account.

hThis is what I liked to call Haxcord. It's for keeping track of what everyone's doing in all your servers

Basically the alt account person's ultiamte weapon.

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"That's against the TOS! You will get your token stolen!"

Definitely not!

The purpose of this toolset is to empower the user by adding more features to the experience and allowing the user to do more than a regular user.

Pushing the limits of the API does not in no way that the limits of those who use these tools will be tested.

This is created as a commodity and not an elaborate scheme for a cover to illicitly obtain tokens.

Self-bots are against TOS anyway!

These aren't selfbots, these are tools.

That is true and the reason for this is abuse, however these tools are not for offensive purposes, which means no raid scripts or other such things. Under normal usage there should be no problems, since the tools for the most part are intended to be passive and not make a user account post on its own accord or imitate a client.

This is a game/engine I've been making. It's made in JavaScript using three.js.

At first it was browser based, but then I decided to pack it into a single executable for Windows.

You can make maps using the Tiled map editor.

This is where I wanted to put the [download] button, but I need to guild it for Windows.

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